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Generation Z???

We have all gotten used to the phrase “Millennials”, well lets all get ready for “Generation Z”.  Here is an article from The MReport that discusses this new generation.   Let’s look at how this group of unique potential homebuyers will impact the way they look for their dream home. Generation Z:  The Next Up-in-Coming Buyers As the

Homeownership Crisis

I found this article  – How Is The Homeownership Crisis Affecting You? published on the Georgia Public Broadcasting site.  Affordable housing once again came out on top of the list for concerns.  It’s a quick read.  Thought I would share! We Asked: How Is The Homeownership Crisis Affecting You? People from nearly every state in
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Georgia Ranked Top State For Business!

I read an article touting Georgia as being ranked as the top state in which to business.  We have experienced economic growth in so many ways throughout the state.  Of course, this equals jobs!  It isn’t happening overnight but it is happening.  There are so many employment opportunities in all aspects of the construction and service industries. 

Home Sellers and Buyer’s Are Wary

Many Homeowners are wary of selling in this current market even though they would like to move.  Some want to move up, others would like to downsize.  They both seem to have the same concerns.  The 2 biggest fears sellers voice:  the possibility of either having 2 house payments or having nowhere to move to.  Sellers realize that taking
Growth of Rent

Rising Rental Rates

With all the growth in our economy rental rates are on the rise.  It doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in, all area’s have been effected.  In the Atlanta Metro area the rise has been significant.  A certain amount can be attributed to the lack of available inventory for potential buyer’s.  I read this
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4 Renovations to Give the Most ROI

With inventory so low many homeowners have decided to remodel instead of selling and buying that new home.  What are the renovations that will bring you the most return on your investment?  Let’s take a look.  Remember that not all renovation plans are good ones! Let’s start with the 4 Remodel Myths: Myth #1: Any
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Inventory Lows Cause Bidding Wars

Due to the lack of inventory over the past 18 – 24 months we are seeing more and more bidding wars.  This is especially true if a home is in good condition and priced right.  It is our responsibility to educate Buyer’s and Seller’s alike so they will be prepared if this should arise.  I

What Do You Want In New Homes?

Ask buyers what they want in new homes and you will get a laundry list of items.  This article in the Washington Post is based on a survey of homeowners planning to buy again in the next 10 years.  This is what they were looking for in a newly constructed home. Here’s What Buyers of New
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Setting Expectations for Future Homeowners

One of the most important services we do as Realtors is to set real expectations for our Buyer’s.  Unfortunately the process isn’t as simple as  finding the home of your dreams.  We actually have had homeowners who equated the process with “Hell on Earth”.  Apparently they were not alone.  I ran across this article in DSNews that cites
Divorce section

Did You Own Property Before You Got Married?

I have had several clients that have gone through the process of Divorce.  They purchased their home before they got married.  Then things didn’t work out.   They ended up in court battles over the distribution of funds from the sale of that property.  In one case it took my client 15 months to get it through