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Homebuyer Technology Preferences

A recent MReport article highlights data from a study that revealed that homebuyers prefer affordable, transparent, time-saving transactions. One of the effects from the COVID-19 pandemic was the increase in technology use during the homebuying process. Spruce, a prop tech company, examined homebuyer’s feelings in regards to using tech for purchasing a home. The survey

The End of Eviction Moratoriums

A recent DSnews article highlights information from Freddie Mac regarding the impact of the end of eviction moratoriums, the role of rental assistance, and certain actions property owners can take as COVID-19 protections expire. Without eviction moratoriums, rent subsidies will be essential to keep renters in their homes and to help property owners stay current

Home-Equity Loan Concerns

A recent MReport article highlights the concerns homeowners have about home-equity loans. According to a LendingTree study, homeowners are sitting on a collective $22.7 trillion in equity. This is the highest amount since analysts began collecting data in 1945 and an increase in home prices is responsible for the trillions in equity. The study aimed

Young Adult’s Saving and Spending Behaviors

A recent MReport highlights the factors that are influencing young adults’ saving and spending behaviors. Some young adults who were fortunate enough to maintain employment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and were able to save money, will put the savings towards purchasing a home. According to a recent Zillow survey, three in five young adult respondents
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What are House Hunters Searching For?

According to a recent MReport, the pandemic has shifted what house hunters want and even with normalcy returning, this trend may continue. A survey of about 1,200 house hunters showed that a desire for more home space was the primary factor for deciding to move. A majority of respondents are in the market for

Increase in Vacation Home Purchases

According to a recent MReport, an increase in people working from home has led to an increase in purchasing second homes. The article highlights findings from the National Association of Realtors 2021 Vacation Home Counties Report. The report states that from the second half of 2020 to April 2021, there was a significant spike in
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Millennials Secure Homeownership Through Pandemic Savings

A recent DSnews report highlights how pandemic savings helped some Americans secure homeownership. With the current housing market, purchasing a home is challenging for most Americans. However, some millennials were able to maintain employment during the pandemic, save money, and purchase a home. Redfin surveyed roughly 1,500 Americans that are planning to buy or sell

Renter’s Responses to Pandemic Hardships

Researchers at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard recently released a report discussing renter’s responses to the financial stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because millions of Americans have struggled with affording their rent over the past year, renters have experienced challenges that have impacted their financial well-being. The JCHS report discusses the

Millennials Investing in Home Renovations

An MReport article highlights the data from a survey by Angi, which found that there is an increase in millennials investing in renovating their homes. A recent survey has shown that a large number of millennials purchased homes needing more renovations than they intended, and if they did not spend more than their budget when
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Communities of Color Experiencing Faster Home Price Growth

A recent DSnews report highlights information and research on home values in communities of color. Within the past year, home prices have spiked rapidly. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies analysis of Zillow’s data, price appreciation is more intense in communities of color. Despite a faster price growth in communities of color, home

Rise in Homes Values

According to a recent MReport, home values have risen to the highest point since the COVID outbreak began in March of last year. The article highlights data from the Radian Home Price Index, which discovered that home prices increased 10.4% between March 2021 and April 2021. From April 2020 to April 2021, the HPI rose
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Millennials Experiencing Regret After Purchasing a Home

According to a recent MReport, an increasing number of millennials are experiencing feelings of regret after purchasing their home. A report from Bankrate discovered that roughly two-thirds of millennial homebuyers felt remorse post home purchase. The survey revealed that older buyers were less likely to feel regret compared to younger buyers. The data showed that