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First-time Homebuyers vs. Inventory Shortages

First-time homebuyers declined year over year.  We are now seeing another side effect of the inventory shortages of affordable homes.  Lack of affordable homes along with the rising interest rates have caused  many potential first-time homebuyers to put that purchase on hold.  Ran across this article in The MReport.  It cites a 2% decline in first-time homebuyers in
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Rising Mortgage Rates

Even though we are still at historic low mortgage rates we are seeing a decrease in how much home Buyer’s can qualify for.  Many of today’s buyer’s have no clue that for a large portion of us, even with rising rates they are still low.  I can remember in the early 1980’s when 18% was
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Mortgage Applications Decline Two Weeks Consecutively

Mortgage applications have declined for the past 2 consecutive weeks.  Is this a sign that Buyer’s are concerned about the rising interest rates?  The uncertainty on the world stage, or something more?  Is it the lack of affordable inventory throughout the country?  Ran into an article on this in The MReport and thought it was interesting. 

Rising Home Prices

We are all seeing rising home prices.  Here in the Northeast Georgia area, especially the Metro Atlanta area, it almost seems like it will never stop.  The increase in new jobs as companies move into Georgia, combined with the shortage of inventory is making it currently impossible to predict how long this trend will last. 

New Home Sales Increase 4% in March

An article in The MReport cites new home sales increase 4% in March!  This indicates a real confidence in the current economy! New Home Sales Indicate an Encouraging Trend! New home sales for single-family houses rose 4 percent in March, according to the latest data released by the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban

Is Going Green right for you?

The importance of going Green is a debate I have heard by both Buyer’s and Seller’s.  I believe it comes down to personal choice.  Many Seller’s question if the cost justifies the increase in value to their property.  For some Buyer’s energy efficiency holds a lot of weight in their decision to pursue a property. 
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Debt vs. Income

Once again we find ourselves in a position that we need to take a realistic look at our Debt vs. Income.  Homebuyer’s need to take the time to make an informed decision when considering the purchase of a home.  Even though we are still at some of the lowest interest rates in the past 30
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Mortgage rates jumped!

Here we are.  The fear has come to reality.  Mortgage rates jumped ones again!  For many here in the Northeast Georgia area that means not being able to afford the American Dream! Rates Rise after Eight Weeks of Stability After eight weeks of stability, average mortgage rates jumped across the board rising to their highest
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Financial Benefits Of Home Ownership

Many people weight the pros and cons of owning a home.  Have you looked at the financial benefits of owning?  You have to look at the long term picture! Owning a home has great financial benefits, yet many continue to rent!  Let’s look at the financial reasons why owning a home of your own has