Apple’s $2.5 Billion Dollar Plan

Yesterday Apple announced their $2.5 billion dollar plan to help the increasing issue of affordable housing in California. Affordable housing in California is not easy to find. A recent MReport stated that the cost to rent or buy has increased drastically over the past several years, which led to thousands of people leaving the region.
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Zombie Properties

According to a recent DSnews report there are 1.5 million zombie properties in America. That is roughly 1.6% vacant single family homes or condos. In 2018, the Census Bureau conducted a community survey and found that 17,019,726 homes were unoccupied. The data from this year’s survey was compiled to determine the counties with the most
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Public Transportation Impacts Housing Prices

A recent MReport article discussed a study done by the American Public Transportation Association. The study found that public transportation impacts housing prices. The report showed that homes within a mile of public transit have higher sale prices. The APTA came to this conclusion by studying several metros in different cities across the country. For

Where Mortgages Are Denied

Lending Tree recently released a report discussing where mortgages are denied the most often. There are several reasons why a person can be denied when applying for a mortgage. For instance, they can be rejected because their credit score is too low or their debt-to-income ratio. The report concluded that the leading rejection cause in

Construction Time of a Home

The Census Bureau wrote a report stating that the national average for construction time of a home was approximately 7.7 months. This includes a month for authorization and roughly 6.7 months for construction. The Census Bureau stated the purpose of the survey “is to provide current national and regional statistics on starts, completions, and characteristics

Debt Impacts People’s Housing Decisions

A recent Zillow Consumer Housing Trends report showed that debt impacts people’s housing decisions. People are being affected by personal debt, whether it is medical, credit card, or student loan. Debt impacts Americans when deciding on a type of home, when to buy a home, ability to afford a down payment, and being approved for
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Is it time to buy? This is the question the National Association of Realtors recently asked over two thousand American homeowners. First, they wanted to survey whether or not Americans believe that it is a good time to buy a home. Second, they sought to see if consumers who think it is time to buy,
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Millennials Are Looking To Buy Homes!

Millennials are looking to buy homes right now. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, millennials are the largest demographic that is buying homes right now. The NAHB did a study that concluded that 77% of millenials are looking to buy homes right now. This is more than the baby boomers and gen X put
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Buying a Home Will Make You Happier!

Buying a home is an exciting step in life. Whether it is your first home or your fifth, statistics show that American homeowners are overall much happier than people who rent. According to an MReport article, 93% of people said that buying a home made them much happier than renting a home. How will this

Home Prices – Starting To Soften?

Here in the Northeast Georgia area we are starting to see home prices leveling off.  This is especially true in the higher end homes.  Sellers of the higher end homes many times have the means to hang on while they leave the price of the home at the upper end,.  Median price homes have begun