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Single Women Spending More on Homes

A recent MReport released an article discussing a study conducted by Yale School of Management about single women paying more than men when buying a home. After studying roughly 50 million housing transactions, Yale concluded that on average, single women pay 2% more than single men. Women typically sell their houses for less money as
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Veteran Households in America

MReport released an article discussing data that Urban Institute collected about veteran households in America. According to the statistics from the article, roughly 78% of veteran households are homeowners. This percentage is higher than both the total population and non military households. The MReport stated that 42% of active-duty servicemen own their home. The study

Which Cities are Prepared?

DS News released a report about which cities are prepared for recession. Moody’s Investor Services rated the largest 25 cities in America. The top 6 cities that are rated as “stronger”, are Boston, Charlotte, Denver, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Seattle. These cities are considered “stronger” because of their financial expansion in the past decade.
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A Decade of Changes in the Market

Happy New Year! It is a new decade, so let’s talk about the changes in the housing market that occurred in the last 10 years. MReport released an article discussing the findings of a Redfin study concerning the markets that changed significantly over the decade.  WHAT DID THE REPORT SAY? A notable change since 2010
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Wells Fargo’s Pledge to Habitat for Humanity

According to a recent MReport article, Wells Fargo is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to improve housing assistance programs. If you are not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, they are a nonprofit organization that partners with families in need of affordable housing. The nonprofit relies on volunteers and donations to build and revive homes
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Average Homeowner Age

LendingTree released data from a study they conducted about the average age of homeowners in America. They collected data from 50 of the largest metros across the country. The study asked homeowners their age and home value. They also looked at the metros population as a whole for comparison. They looked at the average age
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Wave of Housing Inventory

A recent MReport stated that there will be a wave of housing inventory in the next twenty years. According to Zillow, the market by seniors aged 60 or older will rise from 920,000 from 2017 to 2027 and 1.7 million per year from 2027 to 2037. Therefore, roughly 30% of today’s occupied homes will become
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Buying a Home Together

An MReport article reported that the amount of people that are buying a home together is increasing. According to an CNBC report, high home prices and increasing debt are two factors of this trend. People are struggling to pay off their credit card debt or student loans, so they find people to share the cost
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Proposed Solutions For Vacancy Issues

DsNews wrote about the solutions that are being proposed to fix the issue of vacant homes across America. In a recent blog post, I wrote about the 6 million unoccupied homes in the U.S. Of the 6 million units, 1.5 million of them are single family homes or condos. Communities and neighborhoods are impacted by

Apple’s $2.5 Billion Dollar Plan

Yesterday Apple announced their $2.5 billion dollar plan to help the increasing issue of affordable housing in California. Affordable housing in California is not easy to find. A recent MReport stated that the cost to rent or buy has increased drastically over the past several years, which led to thousands of people leaving the region.
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Zombie Properties

According to a recent DSnews report there are 1.5 million zombie properties in America. That is roughly 1.6% vacant single family homes or condos. In 2018, the Census Bureau conducted a community survey and found that 17,019,726 homes were unoccupied. The data from this year’s survey was compiled to determine the counties with the most