Home Prices – Starting To Soften?

Here in the Northeast Georgia area we are starting to see home prices leveling off.  This is especially true in the higher end homes.  Sellers of the higher end homes many times have the means to hang on while they leave the price of the home at the upper end,.  Median price homes have begun

Ways to Help When Times Are Hard

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the government shutdown is starting to put a strain on both Federal employees and the businesses and industries they support.  The local economy is feeling the sting, and our neighbors are under stress. According to Governing Magazine, approximately 16,000 of Georgia’s federal workforce is presently furloughed or working without pay. With
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Should You Save In An Escrow Account?

Many home buyers have questions about escrow accounts.  Many lenders require them.  Most buyers feel that they are capable of planning for the future and will save money each year for their taxes and insurance.  Unfortunately many times life gets in the way and it doesn’t or wouldn’t happen.  I saw this great article in
December 2018 Recap

Georgia’s December 2018 Recap

December brought us 2019 housing predictions, the first closing of a grant from Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs, new jobs, and more! The Average Sales Price for the Month of December Increased 6.6 Percent from 2017 to 2018. With 2019 upon us, we are taking a look at data for the past 24 months as
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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

I ran across this article on Tips for winterizing your home.  Most of us have heard many of these and forgotten them over time.  It’s the old learning what you know plan mixed in with some new ideas.  Inman News put this out and thought it would be helpful.  In Georgia we don’t suffer the logo on the wall of the server room. Editorial 3D rendering

Amazon Headquarters 2

It looks like Atlanta is out of the running for the Amazon Headquarters 2.  I don’t know if that is such a bad thing.  Here in the Northeast Georgia area we already have a housing shortage.  We have tons of construction and job growth going on. Zeroing in on HQ2 Amazon is closing in on