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Where does generation z want to live?

A recent MReport and LendingTree study revealed that Generation Z is beginning to shop for homes, despite the ongoing pandemic. The study conducted by LendingTree analyzed the most popular destinations for Gen Z buyers and other home buying behaviors. The LendingTree report stated, “Gen Zers comprise just under 10% of potential homebuyers in any of
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Hurricane delta property damages

Hurricane Laura was the most intense storm to hit the northwestern gulf coast area since 1856. Only a few weeks after Hurricane Laura hit, Hurricane Delta made landfall near Creole, Louisiana. Delta, a mid-cat 2 storm, hit Louisiana on Friday. According to a recent MReport and CoreLogic, there was $.8 to $1.5 billion additional damages
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Female heads of households being impacted by pandemic

According to a recent MReport, female heads of households are getting hit harder by COVID-19 than males. The MReport reviewed data from a Zillow report that stated working women are being far more negatively impacted by the pandemic. The report revealed that there is a large disproportion between men and women as they face housing

Salary needed to comfortably purchase a home

MReport recently released a study that reveals the salary needed to ‘comfortably’ purchase a home. Experts at finder.com wrote a report highlighting how hopeful homebuyers in certain cities in the U.S. would have to earn each year in order to own a home. Finally taking the leap and purchasing your own home is a huge

Will the presidential election impact the market?

In the past, Presidential elections have not made much of an impact in the housing market. According to a recent DSnews report and a Redfin survey, this Presidential election may be a different story. Most experts do not believe it will have long term effects, although the COVID-19 pandemic could. Home sales are expected to
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Single-family homes or condos?

According to Redfin.com and a recent MReport, working from home, the desire for privacy, and all-time-low mortgage rates make single-family homes more desirable during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, experts are saying that condos could make a comeback if single family homes prices continue to increase. Single family home prices rose from 12% to $343,000 year-over-year..
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Most Expensive Zip Codes

MReport and Property Club recently revealed data from a study on how COVID-19 is impacting the U.S. luxury real estate market. The study that was conducted focused on the most expensive zip codes in America. Out of these expensive zip codes, two-thirds of them were in the state of California. The zip code 94027, which
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Americans are bored of their hometowns

According to a recent MReport and a survey conducted by unclutter.com, many homeowners are seeking to move post-pandemic. Unclutter.com, which is a home and office organization website, conducted a survey by researchers to find out why Americans are planning on relocating. The most popular response was that many Americans reported they are either bored with

Americans Looking for Larger Homes

According to a recent MReport, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing Americans to look for larger homes. Real estate experts at Redfin revealed that sales of large homes rose 21% in July. This increase represents a rate of sale that grew nearly 10 times quicker than small home sales growth. However, small and medium sized homes

Impacts of Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura, a storm that hit the northwestern Gulf Coast on Wednesday, has caused devastating damage to the area. It is the most intense storm to hit that region since 1856. According to a recent MReport and CoreLogic, the damage from the storm “brings threat of further economic uncertainty to the region”. The report revealed

New Construction Sales Increase!

According to recent reports from MReport and Redfin, the housing market is moving in a good direction! The study showed that the sales for new construction homes increased by 10% during the month of July. July sales levels are getting close to those of pre-COVID sales levels. Experts claim a major cause for this uptick