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Where Are the Best Metros for First Time Buyers?

A recent DSnews report highlights the best metros areas for renters looking to purchase a home. An increase in demand, low mortgage rates, low inventory, and millennials aging into homeownership has made it difficult for first-time homebuyers, who are mostly current renters. Odeta Kushi, the First American Chief Economist, stated “The nearly two-thirds of American
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How Competitive is the Market?

A recent MReport highlights how intense the competition has become when purchasing a home. It is not shocking that those seeking higher-end single- family homes have faced increased competition. According to Redfin, 60% of their home offers written in February faced competition, which is a 1% increase from January. Redfin reveals that February was the
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Why Are Refinancing Applications Being Denied?

According to a recent MReport, while an increase in interest reduces the amount of qualified candidates, rates are 30 basis points lower than they were a year ago. This indicates that many American homeowners can still save money on their monthly mortgage payments by refinancing. LendingTree analyzed the data of 2.8 million mortgage refinance applications
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What Cities Have the Most Active Listings?

A recent MReport highlights the current cities with the most and fewest homes on the market. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been shifts in the housing market. There is an inventory shortage, increase in home prices, and thus, there is an increase in competition. According to a report from Inspection Support Network, “As
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Do Americans Want to Live Closer to Their Relatives?

According to a recent MReport, Americans want to live near their relatives, within reason. Ally Home conducted a survey that found that family members may be influencing the migration habits of homeowners. The survey discovered that 67% of respondents said they wish they lived within 45 minutes of their relatives. This is a large increase

Superstition in the housing market

According to a recent MReport article, Researchers discovered that some homebuyers would pay $38,000 more for a “lucky” home. LendingTree conducted a study that highlights the role of luck and superstition when it comes to purchasing a home. The study found that four out of ten respondents admitted to “a superstitious explanation” for passing on
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How are women impacting the housing market?

A recent DSnews report highlights the increasing impact that single women are having on the housing market. According to Redfin, single women purchased 9% more homes in the fourth quarter than a year ago. Single men showed a 4.5% increase during the same time period. This data is shocking due to the fact that researchers
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Inventory setbacks due to extreme weather

According to a recent MReport, extreme weather means there will be setbacks in housing supply. When severe freezing weather hit several regions last month, it prevented many listings from hitting the market. This caused an increase in the housing-inventory gap. Experts from revealed that the weather caused inventory to be at an all time
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The impacts being credit invisible

A recent MReport emphasizes the relationship between lack of credit history and homeownership. It is established that there is a connection between having strong credit and access to offers of credit and high homeownership rates. Zillow revealed in a recent study that roughly one in ten Americans are “credit invisible”, which means they lack a
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The Most Financially Literate Cities

A recent MReport discusses where the most financially literate Americans live. Because of the financial strain the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, experts believe it is very important to be financially capable. WalletHub conducted a study to determine which cities were the best and worst at money management in 2021. The survey revealed that just over
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Financial Advice for Purchasing a Home

A recent MReport highlights financial advice on purchasing a home in today’s housing market. Elizabeth Renter, a data analyst for NerdWallet, wrote an article describing the ways prospective homebuyers can make the smartest decisions. Elizabeth wrote, “Buying a home can be intimidating—a high-cost goal with a complex purchasing process. But it’s especially scary in a

Increases in Home Improvement projects

According to a recent MReport article, Americans are expected to spend more money on home improvement projects, such as landscaping, kitchen renovations, and basement remodels. A study conducted by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicts that spending on home improvements in large metro areas will grow this year. The Remodeling Futures