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Single-Family Rental Market

According to a recent DSnews report, the single-family rental market has shifted over the past decade. The market has gone from individual units being rented by small landlords to investors renting a significant amount of homes. The report states that large companies are building units specifically to rent and be managed similar to an apartment
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Interest Rates and Affordability

According to a recent MReport article, interest rates are very low, but Americans are still struggling with affordability. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Home Ownership Affordability Monitor index reported that interest rates on 30-year mortgages are at all time lows. Unfortunately, this has not helped making purchasing a home any more affordable. Due to
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Millennials lag behind in homeownership

A recent MReport article discusses the differences between generations who are homeowners. According to Apartment List’s 2021 Millennial Homeownership Report, it is predicted that millennials are going to own the smallest percentage of homes. The report stated that by the age of 30, roughly half of baby boomers owned a home. 48% of gen Xers

Americans struggling to make rent and mortgage payments

According to a recent DSnews report, roughly 1.2 million mortgagers fear losing their homes. A survey found that more than a million Americans with a mortgage are fearful they will be evicted or their home will be foreclosed in the next month. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Research Institute for Housing America, almost five
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First-time homebuyers budgets and affordability

According to a recent MReport, most first-home shoppers misunderstood what they were able to afford. conducted a survey to determine what shoppers were surprised about when they bought their first home. 47% were surprised because their budget was larger than expected, and 21% found their budget was less than expected. The survey discovered that
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Regions at risk for COVID-19 related economic strain

A recent MReport discusses the states that are at risk for economic strain from the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the housing market has avoided many of the economic effects from the pandemic, unfortunately, there are certain regions that are being impacted more than others. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, Western states are less likely to
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Most affordable neighborhoods in New York City

A recent MReport article discusses the affordability in New York City. According to a survey conducted by PropertyClubs, the Bronx is considered the more affordable neighborhood. The survey revealed that three Bronx neighborhoods, Parkchester, Bedford Park, and Fieldston, all have median home prices under $300,000. There are two neighborhoods in Queens that also have median

Will Virtual Home Tours Continue in 2021?

According to a recent MReport, over half of 2020 homebuyers purchased a home without seeing it in person. Redfin reported that these buyers opted for seeing the home via virtual tours. Experts found that one in ten homebuyers requested a remote tour, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, there was another study conducted that
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How do grocery stores affect home values?

A recent MReport discusses how a neighborhood’s nearest supermarket affects its home values. Experts from ATTOM Data Solutions used their annual Grocery Store Wars analysis to determine how grocery stores impact home values. Data analysts looked at those who lived near a Trader Joe’s, a Whole Foods, or an ALDI and analyzed home price appreciation
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Top Suburbs with increasing home prices

MReport released highlights from a report with the top ten American suburbs with rising home prices. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged more and more Americans to migrate to less urban areas. Compared to big cities, suburbs offer lower priced homes and more space. Because so many people have switched to remote work, a larger

Tiny Home Movement

According to a recent MReport, COVID-19 and lifestyle changes are making tiny houses more popular. The article highlights data from a study conducted by Fidelity National Financial Company. Researchers asked 2,000 Americans how likely they would be to live in a tiny home. The study analyzed the regions with optimal tiny-home markets for both homebuyers