A Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA)

Verified Veteran Owned Small Business


Gemstone Realty, Inc. was born out of a vision to engage in successful relationships with clients and experienced agents. The goal was and still is to create an atmosphere conducive to giving each prospective homeowner, each seller, and every government, institution, and corporation that is a client of ours the most remarkable customer service they have ever experienced. Ours is an office where everyone works together for the best end result for the client, without fail.

As a successful entrepreneur who owned several successful businesses in Florida, Jerald Zwak decided to pursue his desire to develop a career in real estate when he re-located to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, in 1991.  He quickly obtained his Georgia real estate salesperson’s license in May of 1991, and immediately became part of the ReMax Gwinnett Team located in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

In addition to meeting the immediate needs of buyers and sellers, Jerald saw the importance of expanding business services to serve major clients with multiple properties. He extended those services to include Broker Priced Opinions (BPO). It was through the BPO network that Jerald built significant relationships, which in turn, helped contribute to his achieving the position of the top selling agent in the firm in 1994. His career now included managing and marketing Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.  By 2003, Jerald’s REO business steadily increased for a simple reason: his reputation for being dependable, honest, and dedicated to continuously keeping abreast of the most current industry trends became well known. By 2007, Jerald became an active member of the National REO Brokers Association to continue to grow and improve these attributes.

In 2008, due to the downturn in the economy, Jerald found that particular markets, such as those within the rural areas, were receiving little focus from the REO operations doing “business as usual,” which meant the clients were getting less attention due to increased pressures in the marketplaces where a large number of their properties were located. It was at this time that Jerald’s entrepreneurial and visionary characteristics kicked into high gear. He began to embark on the path to make his vision for Gemstone Realty, Inc., a reality.

Now headed by the Zwak husband-and-wife team, Jerald’s 24 years of real estate experience and knowledge combined with Lynne’s 20+  years of business management and customer service  background, serves the company well. They are effective in creating a skilled, reliable, and honest approach to assisting individual buyers and sellers, while maintaining the professional systematic approach to assisting major clients dispose of REO assets to give them the best possible recovery values.

Gemstone Realty, Inc. has an exceptional staff of agents and brokers working together to share in the ultimate goal to bring about the best customer service and always achieve the maximum potential from each real estate transaction for every client. Our dedication to our clients includes a strong focus on timelines, detailed attention to requirements, excellent communication, dedication to continuing education, and consistent community outreach and involvement. Always keeping informed about the most current industry trends and news, the Zwak’s are involved in the best of the business development seminars and conferences the industry offers, which enables them to bring the benefits to our homeowners seeking to sell, our buyers looking to find a home, and of course, to our corporate clients, whose unique requirements we are entrusted to meet.

Gemstone Realty, Inc. is a qualified U.S. Veteran Owned Small Business that has always emphasized giving service to our clients and, of course, to our communities in this country. Our loyalty, stamina, and problem-solving are equally valuable to HUD and other REO portfolio managers as is was to the military.